Sedona, AZ

Earlier this year, I had exactly a half day in Sedona, Arizona. It was a surreal experience, as being from the Northeast I’ve never seen landscapes like this in person. It did not disappoint, except for cloudy skies and rain after lunch, which ended my day early. By far, the highlight of the trip was …

Hoffshop 2014

This past week I attended Hoffshop, a photography workshop held in Memphis Tennessee by my favorite photographer, Tony Hoffer ( It was a seriously game changing experience for me – so much good information and presented so well. I highly recommend attending next year, if he has another one. There was a ton of information …

Dani Senior Shots, Downtown Pittsburgh

This weekend, we got some fantastic diffused light in beautiful Downtown Pittsburgh for senior pictures of Dani. You may recall that I took some pageant shots of her a while back – she perfectly worked some pageant accents into her wardrobes. It was a great shoot, here are some my favorites:

Church Brew Works

VisitPittsburgh is a local organization that does a great job of promoting the city of Pittsburgh, and all that there is to do here. The Church Brew Works is an amazing old church that has been converted to a brewery and restaurant. I was tasked by VP with going to the Brew Works to take …

Max is 1 Year Old!

Little Max turned 1, and it was unfortunately such a cold winter for a shoot. He was quite a trooper and hung in there. Here are a few of my favorites from a shortened shoot with a little finger and toe warming intermission.